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Looking For Cash For The Weekend?

Instant cash loans between $300 to $5,000 from Money Scout may help you. 

Emergencies can occur at any time to anyone, so cash for the weekends are often vital. That’s why our weekend loans are there to help you cross the gap between the weekend and your next payday. Weekend loans are a form of short-term finance that allows you to apply for bad credit loans between $300 to $5,000 which can be transferred to you on the same day you apply. Many people have used weekend loans to cater for some personal expenses like travel, shopping, food shopping, etc to avoid high rates on credit card purchases.

Weekend cash loans no credit check

You can get a cash loan without any collateral or security. You won’t have to worry about being turned down because of credit history, and there’s no need for a load of paperwork either. Generally weekend cash loans no credit check is a bit of a myth as most lenders require a credit check to check your financial prowess and see if you’re high risk, this in turn will have an impact on your interest rate, worse your credit the higher the interest rate as lenders have to compensate for you being a high risk borrower. But fear some lenders can offer weekend cash loans no credit check by focusing on your current financial standing using the bank statements you provide, giving a much more accurate picture of whether you can pay back a loan or not.

With short-term finance like weekend loans, you can cross the gap between your next paycheque and the upcoming weekend. Weekend loan interest rates range from low to high based on your credit but compared to credit card purchases which might cost more in fees if unexpected costs arise. It also considers how much money people want to access during their free time rather than having it forced on them by an employer who may cut back hours due without warning.


Cash For The Weekend

Long weekends are here to save the day! If you require some extra cash, we’ve got just what you are looking for. Apply now and get approved within minutes so that by Friday evening all will be well for you to enjoy your weekend – if there’s no money left because everyone spent too much on fun things during the “entertainment period,” which always happens before payday every week, if you fall into this boat, apply with us for a small loan to see you though.

How To Apply For A Weekend Loan

Do you need to get a small loan instantly? Its a lot easier than you think let us guide you through the process to make sure you get the cash you need this weekend.

Figure Out What You Need

What is the amount that would get you through the weekend? Think about it, once you get a figure, try to borrow that amount. Don’t borrow more so that you don’t have a hard time repaying.

Check The Eligibility Requirements

They include; you must be above 18 years old, you must have an active contact email address and phone number, you must be receiving steady income into your bank account for over three months, possess an internet banking app, or use internet banking.

Documentations And Payslips

You have to supply your personal information, we mean 100 points of ID like passport, driver’s license, and others. Give us your internet banking details to access your finances, let us know why you apply, if you have a job, give us the details of employment and contact of your employer. If you receive any form of Centrelink payment, you will give us your MyGov account information.  

Cash for the Weekend

With our secured and 100% online application form, you can start the process, it is easy! You will get a response on approval within minutes.

Case Study for weekend cash loans no credit check

Joe had a string of financial emergencies, he had a lead through the roof and his mower blew up, the cost of all this, take a breath, $1460 now he did have some cash saved but not quite enough to cover the whole bill, he was $500 short and to top it off this was all on the weekend. Another problem was his credit score which wasn’t the best. Fortunately he did a quick search online typing in weekend cash loans no credit check and up popped MoneyScout ready to help, he completed the application and we were able to offer him $500.00 within the hour!

Receive Cash Into Your Account

You can get your money today in your account before the weekend starts if your application is approved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Loans.

Know the answers to some commonly asked questions on short term loans

What is a weekend loan?

A weekend loan is a type of financing that gives you access to funds that you can use for urgent weekend needs like getaways, event tickets, food shopping, anything! Any emergency bills that you need to cover, but can’t afford immediately, you can always use a weekend loan.

How Much Can I Borrow?

If you are qualified, you can borrow from  $300 dollars to $5,000

What Is The New Payment Platform?

The New Payments Platform commonly called NPP is used by the industry as a standard to regulate instant transfers of money between banks. Formerly, transfers from one bank to another take about 24 hours to 72 hours, NPP on the other hand enables transfers within minutes.  OSKO and PayID do NPP operations in Australia.

What Is A Small Loan?

Small loans are generally smaller than long term loans. They can be as little as 500 dollars to 5,000 dollars. Some of these small loans may involve shorter terms than personal loans, usually as low as 3 months up to 24 months.

How Much Is The Interest On A Weekend Loan?

Usually, a lot of weekend loans will have a fee schedule as follows: you will be charged an establishment fee at 20% and a monthly 4% interest fee for loan amounts of up to 2,000. We are always honest about these fees from the start. We don’t bring anything up along the way.

How Do I Pay Off My Weekend Loan?

You have the option of a direct debit or you can make payments from our online application service.

Who Can Apply For A Weekend Loan?

Individuals that are above 18 years, permanent residents and citizens of Australia, regular income earners for three months before into an account that operates in NPP, active email address and or mobile number.

What If I Have Bad Credit Can I Be Approved?

Yes, we offer a way out of financial hardships for people who have bad credit.

I Am On Centrelink, Can I Apply?

You can apply. We have provided help for people who receive Centrelink benefits to receive weekend loans to meet their needs.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

It doesn’t take long, within a few minutes if you apply from any internet-connected device, you are done with your application.