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What are cash converters?

Cash Converters is simply a registered lender whose main purpose is to assist clients who are in need of a personal loan, short term loan or a quick loan, they’ve been in the market for a number of years now. Cash converter can cover a variety of loans including long term loans, cash advance loans, and payday loans. They are here to assist you when you need a cash advance to pay for an emergency financial crisis before your next payday arrives.

Provisionally approved cash converters

The provisional approval of cash converters is an exciting development for those who need access to money quickly. This means that, with the click or tap on your phone screen (or computer), you can buy almost anything out there – no more waiting days before receiving funds if you’re approved you should receive your instant cash loan within the hour!


Cash converters here to help!

Cash Converters is here to help you when you’re in the midst of a financial disaster , and your next payday is weeks away. We offer a variety of loans, including long-term or short-term financing of course this includes convertors, we can get cash into your hands as soon as possible.

Cash converters services

The quick and easy process of applying for a loan with Cash Converters is available to both existing clients and those just starting. You can proceed directly on the status of your application and whether it has been accepted or not after completing this short online loan form.

Loan approval can happen in no time, especially for payday loans where funding is transferred to your bank account almost within the day or  the next business day if you are successfully approved with the loan provider.

Cash Loans and Cash Advance Loans

Simply put, a cash loan is a type of a regular small loan that is usually paid on a short-term basis and loan amounts are quite small. The faster you pay back these loans, the better. Cash advance loans, are quite similar to cash loans in terms of loan repayment terms being paid back on short periods of time. Loan terms can range between 4 to 6 weeks with loan amounts from $50 up to $2000 respectively. Please note that cash advance loans can only be process in-store only, so you may have to plan ahead and set a time on when to go to Cash Converters branch to apply.

Services offered by Cash Converters

The loan application process for cash converters can easily be done in under 5 minutes. For existing clients, you can go ahead and skip this short process and proceed directly on checking whether your online loan application has been accepted or not.

Due diligence and affordability will be done by our finance team to make sure that we only lend you the right amount of money and whether you’d be comfortable being able to afford the monthly loan repayments. Our lenders can offer up a decision within minutes , especially for payday loans where funding can be transferred to your bank account almost within the day or just the next business day if you are successful in getting approved for a loan. Please note that you must have Australian citizenship to qualify for any Cash Converters Loan.

Part 9 Debt Agreement

If you are part of the part 9 Debt Agreement, we won’t be able to assist you further on your cash advance loan until you get cleared from the said agreement.

Cash Converters Loan Product Details

Loan Type:  Payday Loans

Interest Rate: 48-217.95% p/a

Loan Amount: $50-$5000

Repayment Loan Terms: from as low as 2 months to 24 months

Can people with bad credit history still apply?

Cash Converters

Yes, clients with bad credit history could still apply for cash converters as there are many other factors that lenders take into factor when they consider an individual for personal loan applications. This includes present income, expenses, financial obligations, and the overall way you manage your finances.

Cash Convertor Payday Loans?

Many people ask whether Cash Convertors provide payday loans, and yes they do, although not technically a payday loan but more an unsecured loan/short term loan, this helps customers who are looking for a loan between £100 – £1000 over a shorter period such as 1 month – 12 months. For larger loans you need an unsecured loan and typically loan amounts range from £1000 – £10000 over a longer period to pay back of 2 – 5 years

Can people on Centrelink also apply?

Short answer would be, yes. If you’re receiving benefits from the government through Centrelink, you can still apply for same day cash loans. Your regular income, expenses, and other existing financial obligation will be used by us to assess whether to accept your loan application.

Personal Loans

Personal loans with Cash Converters have two (2) categories which clients can choose from and these are:

(1)   Cash Converters small personal loans – are loan amounts ranging between $400-$2000 and can easily be paid within 9 months.

(2)   Cash Converters medium personal loan – are loan amounts ranging between $2050-$5000 which are slightly higher than normally available loans.

Online and in-store application is available for these types of personal loans.

Employment Checks and Documentations Required for Application

Normally, our lenders require applicants to provide us with bank statements showing regular income flow for at least 90 days prior to your loan application. They will do employment checks so they know whether you’re able to earn regular salary to pay off the loan you are applying for. Even if you’ve been just laid off your work, it is still possible that some of our direct lenders will consider your loan application so long as we determine that you can still pay back the loan.  Any additional assessment process or documentation, we will make sure to notify you immediately.

‘Provisionally Approved’ Status

If you are given a ‘provisionally approved’ status, this simply means that your payday loan application has been approved initially and shall undergo further evaluations and assessment for us to determine which loan amounts you can get qualified for exactly.

How long before I get my loan (Loan Duration)?

If you’re loan application has been successful and fully approved, getting your cash is easy and can reach your bank within the next business day and sometimes within the hour!

Other fees and charges

Dishonesty fee can be charged from you if we learn that there are insufficient funds in your account resulting to failed repayments on your agreed date. If you know that you won’t be able to pay for your loan term on a coming payment period, it is important that you notify us immediately so we can adjust our initial arrangements accordingly. Minimal additional fees could still be charged if you decide to do this.

Is it okay to get additional loans?

Although possible since every type of loan are assessed differently from one another, we do not recommend that you take in too many loans as this may heavily impact on the way your current loan applications will proceed. If you already have many loans on your existing debt obligations, it is better that you slowly pay that first to reduce your debts before getting a new loan.

How to Reach Cash Converters

If ever you have questions or concerns that you may find the need to reach us, here are the contact details of Cash Converters that you can opt to reach: